Sellano Tibetan Bridge


In the heart of Valnerina, a 517 mt long tibetan bridge connects the hamlet of Sellano to the castle of Montesanto.

The Sellano Tibetan bridge is the new amazing attraction in Valnerina. The bridge overlooks the valley of Vigi river and you can cross it in about 50 minutes. It is located 175 meters at its maximum height. This makes it the highest tibetan bridge in Europe, together with the Arouca 516 bridge in Portugal. Sellano Tibetan Bridge has a single span and it has got ย 1023 discontinuous steps. It means that between one step and another there is a void which increases the adrenaline!). Furthermore there is a height difference of 68 meters between the departure and arrival stations.

You need a minimum height of 120 cm. You also need a good state of mental and physical health and, obviously, you cannot suffer from vertigo to cross the bridge. Animals are not allowed. To cross the Tibetan Bridge you will be equipped with a helmet, a harness connected to the safety rope and gloves. There will be a daily opening time of 8 hours, but a maximum of 100 people can cross the bridge at the same time.ย 

The Sellano Tibetan Bridge building cost 1 million and 400 thousand euros. It has been financed by the complementary fund to the Pnrr dedicated to the areas affected by the earthquake in central Italy.


In the province of Perugia at about 640 meters above sea level, Sellano is oneย the most beautiful villages in Italy. Itย enjoys a strategic position and a breathtaking view of the Vigi torrent valley. In the middle of the purest nature of Valnerina, Sellano is a medieval village on a mainly clayey hill and in a landscape area typical of the Umbrian Subappenine. Here the Menotre river ย has its origin. It crosses the hamlet of Altolina then flows into the Topino river in Foligno. Furthermore, in Sellano there are several springs, including the one used by the Fonte Tullia brand and the one that supplies the town of Spoleto with water.

Worth seeing is the Church of San Francesco (or of the Madonna della Croce – 1538) and the Vigi Lake a few hundred meters away.


Montesanto is one of the most unique castles in the Vigi valley. At about 743 meters above sea level, it has a long and charming history full of very famous events, characters and families.

In the scheme of the city, there are interesting religious buildings and noble palaces with important architectural style . The Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta is beautiful. It is located in the center of the town on a small square where you can find the city hall. It saw the light in the 12th century, but then it was deeply remodeled in 1545, when it got up to three naves thanks to the economic contribution of the community.


The Sellano Tibetan Bridge has been working since March 23rd, 2024.

The ticket is 25 euros one way, 30 euros with shuttle service from Montesanto back to Sellano.

Online booking is mandatory and non-refundable, neither per day nor per time slot. You can also purchase an open-date voucher as a gift idea. Access is only possible to adults or children taller than 120 cm., who must go with at least one of their parents. Animals cannot cross the bridge. The journey is one-way, from Sellano towards Montesanto.

Once in Sellano, you can walk to reach the bridge access, near the old town hall. From Montesanto you can go back to Sellano by walking through a panoramic wooded area (about 9 km for 2 hours of walking). Otherwise you can reserve a helpfulย shuttle service by paying a supplement of 5 euros (when purchasing the ticket) .

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In the heart of Valnerina, a 517 meter long tibetan bridge that connects the village of Sellano to the castle of Montesanto

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